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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Ashley’s Bookshelf

InternetGoodiesAshley Wintters is not a professional book reviewer, as she is the first to admit on her Home Page:

This is my little place in cyberspace, I love to read and write, so here I write about what I read. I’m not a professional, just blog about what I am reading at the moment!

However, she provides a valuable service to the writing community by sharing her thoughts about the books she’s read, and also hosting author interviews on her site. To be considered for an interview, you just have to click on “Author Interviews” in the sidebar, answer her questions, and email them in.

AshleysBookshelfAshley is interested in reading many different kinds of genres. This is what she says:

Mainly I read Christian Fiction, but I do enjoy pretty much any type of book except horror and erotica.

Her interests include: children’s books, fantasy, historical romance, mystery, paranormal, suspense, thriller, urban fantasy, western and young adult.

To find her site, point your browser to: http://ashleysbookshelf.blogspot.com/

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Dark-Readers

InternetGoodiesDark-Readers is a review blog written by three women, Casey, Andrea, Hayley. At least one of them lives in my hometown of London, England. (Had to give a plug).

Dark-Readers does giveaways and will make videos for the books they are promoting. Details about these videos can be found on the Navbar by clicking on “The Bitter Productions.” Some of these have won awards. Something to think about if you have a book to promote.

Dark_ReaderThe Dark Garden Girls (as they call themselves) read novels that fall into the genres of young adult, teen, romance, supernatural/paranormal, fantasy, adventure, mystery or thriller.

To find this site, point your browser to: http://www.dark-readers.com/.

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: The Book Hookup

InternetGoodiesThe Book Hookup is a blog written by a group of five women spread over North America. Amy, Ana, Celeste, Christina and Jag are all passionate readers, and so they read and review books. Here is what they have to say:

What really compelled us to start the Book Hookup is the recent rush of amazing indie books that seem like undiscovered gems just waiting to be shared. Our mission is to bring focus to writers that might otherwise be overlooked. We hope our reviews will expose you to books that don’t bear a power-house publishers name but whole heartily deserve the same admiration.

TheBookHookupThe Book Hookup has a professional, yet friendly feel. It hosts blog hops and giveaways. It has a rating system for the books it reviews. These reviewers have wide-ranging interests in the books they want to read, which includes paranormal,
urban fantasy, dark fantasy, romance, contemporary fiction, historical romance, young adult, and new adult.

They are NOT interested in nonfiction, science fiction, erotica, autobiographies/biographies/memoirs, or titles with religious undertones.

To find this site, point your browser towards http://thebookhookup.com/.

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VIXEN by Jillian Larkin

Jillian Larkin’s VIXEN is the first volume of her series THE FLAPPERS set between 1923 and 1925 in Chicago and later in New York. What is remarkable about this novel is the use of such wonderful flapper slang as “spifflicated,” “jake,” “swooney,” “sheik,” and “sheba.”

This first novel is set in Chicago, as a group of 17-year-old high school seniors skip school to go to speakeasies for a night on the town. Unfortunately, they get embroiled with the mob.

This first novel sets up the problems that wind through the rest of the series. So we learn that rich debutante Gloria Carmody falls for a black musician. That Clara, her cousin, has left a racy past back in New York. And that Lorraine has been accepted by Barnard in New York, conveniently across the street from Columbia, where her heartthrob Marcus is going.

As you can tell from the description, this is not serious stuff, and it is aimed at a young audience. There is nothing here about shell shock, or about the horrors of the Great War. However, if you like your 1920s served lite, this is the book for you. Four stars.

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