FAREWELL MY LIFE: Buona Notte Vita Mia

“A gripping historical saga written with energy and literary flare. Highly recommended.”—Wishing Shelf

“This is not your typical mystery; it’s for fans of thrilling action and historically­-inspired events…Contra to the status quo of the genre, the men are the romantics – though in a deranged manner – and the women showcased are the core strength of the novel.”—BookLife Prize.

“The author…adeptly summons the era in all its manners and details with her descriptive prose…Her omniscient, third-person narrator effectively flits through the heads of various characters, offering momentary glimpses of their inner lives.”—Kirkus Reviews


“Extremely interesting and cleverly written-I was completely enthralled! Lucy Bertoldi, Historical Novel Society.

“A gripping, well-researched historical novel, revealing a violent age. Cecylee and the other characters are well-drawn, with great subtlety and depth.” Lindsay Townsend, author of To Touch the Knight.

“The author immerses the reader in a complex and vivid world that is depicted with persuasive confidence.” Curtis Sittenfeld, author of American Wife.

“A wonderful novel to introduce Cecily Neville and historical biographical fiction to young female readers.” Mirella Patzer, author of The Pendant.

“Haggard delivers a swift epic that is both entertaining and informing. The writing is crisp and clear, the characters well-defined, and the emotion overflowing. This book has something for everyone—romance, intrigue, and plenty of action.” US Review of Books.