THWARTED QUEEN, the Entire Saga of a family feud which inspired “Game of Thrones” and began the “Wars of the Roses.”


What if the crowning of your grandson meant that your son would be executed, and you ruined, left to wander the roads as a penniless widow. What would you do? Murder your grandson?


Award-winning author of Farewell My Life writes a saga about the Yorks, Lancasters & Nevilles, whose family feud inspired “Game of Thrones.”

When Robert Baratheon died suddenly after a boar hunt, he left two young sons and an alarming wife.

When Edward IV, King of England, died suddenly after a fishing trip in April 1483, he left two young sons, a dangerous wife, and war broke out, the Yorks (Starks) battling the Lancasters (Lannisters.)

Thwarted Queen is told mainly in the voice of Lady Cecylee Neville (1415-1495), the Thwarted Queen, but other voices are important to his tale, not least those of the Londoners, who forged their own political destiny by engaging in public debate with the powerful aristocrats of the time – Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (the King’s uncle), Richard, Duke of York (the King’s cousin) and Richard, Earl of Warwick, (known as Warwick the Kingmaker) – and set the stage for American Democracy. 


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