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Friday’s Internet Goodies: From Australia comes Book’d Out

InternetGoodiesShelley Rae is a voracious reader. In 2010, she read 233 books in 239 days! So she loves books. Here is what she says about herself:

I love my local library – it’s small but the books are free and the librarians are great at sourcing books for me from the bigger city library’s. In all the places I have lived the librarians quickly learnt my name because I visited so often but I’ve not always been able to find what I want. I’ve never had the budget to feed my book habit – book prices in Australia are extortionate – and in the country town I now live in there are no second hand booksellers within a 2 hour drive. I have my iPod  (a generous birthday gift from my grandfather) and I can find ebooks at a reasonable price (and hubby doesn’t always need to know). Its loaded with Stanza, and every other book app I can find – Kindle App, Borders, Kobo, iBook etc. I have the BookCollectorz app for keeping my collection organised, and the Goodreads App to update my bookshelf and check in with my groups. It’s the best gift I have ever gotten and now instead of a paperback, I am most likely wandering around with my iPod in hand engrossed in my latest read.

For a book addict Goodreads is fabulous, finally I have found people who share my obsession and totally understand just why I stayed up til 4am finishing a book even knowing I had to be up in 2 hours to get the kids off to school. I use Goodreads to track my reading wish list, share my opinions, take challenges, read reviews and find new books to read. I’ve won a couple of books through their Book Giveaway program and even had a chance to chat with some of my favourite authors. If you love books you will love Goodreads. You can see my Goodreads profile -send me a friend request.

BookdOutShelley Rae prefers to read:

General Fiction, Womens Fiction /Chick Lit, Cosy Mystery, Psychological Thriller/Suspense, Murder & Mystery,  Crime, Police procedural, Humor, Supernatural /Urban Fantasy

She may also consider Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction , Horror, Non Fiction and Young Adult (suitable for 16+ years), but accept very few.

She specifically welcomes Australian author submissions.

* I  will NOT consider books in the following genres or with the following dominant  themes: Christian, Religion, Historical, Political, Celebrity, Fashion, Poetry, Sports, Erotica and Travel. If your book falls into a category that I am not interested in then please do not submit it.

Lastly, Shelley Rae shares a list of resources  to search for book blog reviewers.

Indie Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

The Indie Book Review

Indie Book Reviewer

Book Blogger Directory

Australian Book Blogger Directory

To find her site, point your browser to:

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: From England comes Novelicious

InternetGoodiesNovelicious is a book review blog that is run by a group of people.

Kirsty Greenwood is the founding editor. Here is how she describes herself:

Kirsty is a  27 28 29 30 year old story lover currently living in Saddleworth. She likes American telly shows, roast potatoes, flittery book covers, green clothes and smiley people. She doesn’t like the Ironside theme tune or the word ‘drinkie-poos’.

Kirsty is represented by Hannah Ferguson of The Marsh Agency and her debut romantic comedy is out now!

Kirsty tweets at @KirstyBooks

Debs Carr is the deputy editor. Here is what she says about herself:

Debs Carr lives in Jersey where she spends her free time writing novels in a shed with a grumpy Miniature Schnauzer for company.

Her idea of exercise is walking the dog on the nearby beach with her gorgeous husband, and her book, Broken Faces, was a runner-up in Good Housekeeping 2012 Novel Competition and given a ‘special commendation’ by the Harry Bowling Prize 2012.

Debs tweets at @DebsCarr

Amanda Keats is a contributor:

Amanda is a 29 year old book and film buff from North London. Delighted that she’s developed a bit of a reputation as being hard to please when it comes to books, Amanda is not afraid to speak her mind. As Novelicious’s roving reporter, she has had the absolute pleasure of interviewing some of her favourite authors including Jodi Picoult, Rosamund Lupton, Jane Green and Nicholas Sparks. Her favourite book from recent years is still Sister by Rosamund Lupton but she loves a mixture from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ to Audrey Niffenegger’s ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’.When not reading or watching a film (or talking about it non-stop) she enjoys writing, nights out with her gals and nights in with popcorn and a film (or, if it’s on – Doctor Who, Downton Abbey or Grey’s Anatomy).

Amanda tweets at @filmvsbook 
Kira Slaughter is a reviewer:
Kira is a 24 year old bookworm from Solihull in Birmingham. She’s a budding writer and has experienced more than a few moments of waking up in the night to write down ideas! As well as writing, Kira dreams of getting a job in publishing.

Kira tweets at @fatmonica27

Then there is Anna Bell, who is an aspiring author:

Anna Bell is an aspiring author who can still claim to be in her twenties (just). She daydreams far too much about being a full time writer and living in a tropical paradise with her hubby to be. Until those dreams come true she is a museum curator and lives on the South Coast.

She loves chick lit and when not writing she can usually be found with her head in a book. Her favourite authors include Sophie Kinsella, Freya North, and if she has a good supply of tissues handy, Elizabeth Noble. She also loves a good boogie to cheesy music with her friends, backpacking and strolling beside the sea.

Anna tweets at @annabell_writes

NoveliciousNovelicious’ review policy is as follows:

We want to review books that fall under the chick lit and contemporary female fiction umbrella. These must be published or about to be published. While we occasionally cover self published books of our choosing, we do not REVIEW ebooks, self published books and non-fiction at this time.

We prefer to receive coverage requests via our email rather than on twitter or facebook.

To enquire about reviews/interviews, competitions and guest posts please

To find this site, point your browser to:


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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Clover Hill Book Reviews

InternetGoodiesMichelle is a Mom, or more specifically a Mum, with two boys who sometimes help her reviews books. Yes, you got it, she resides in the UK. Here is how she describes herself and her review policy:

Due to time restraints, I do not accept requests from vanity presses or self published authors. I welcome receiving books to reviewfrom publishers and mainstream authors only.

I am happy to receive books in ARC format, galleys, or as finished copies.

On receipt of a title for review, it will be placed in my reading mountain. pile. Please let me know if you have a review time line, and I will do my best to accommodate you, otherwise I reserve the right to review sent books when I’m able and without a deadline.

CloverHillBooksI enjoy reading a mixed bag of books.  I love reading young adult titles, paranormal, crime novels, mysteries, thrillers, romances, fantasy, coming of age novels, and anything in between.  I’m also happy to read non fiction titles.  My children, Shaun and Harry are also happy to review childrens books and suitable titles. (Shaun loves Enid Blyton, spy books, living education titles and comics, Harry doesn’t read himself yet, so any parent led and easy reader books are fine).

We are a hands on family with education, and also blog about some of the resources we use, including books elsewhere.  I also review on

I welcome taking part in blog tours, author interviews and hosting giveaways. Time permitting I may share my review using Facebook (Networked Blogs), Amazon UK, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari and LibraryThing.  All posts are auto-sent to Twitter.

My reviews will be fair and honest.  If there’s something I don’t like about a book I will give those reasons, as well as the positives.  I won’t foul mouth a book because it wasn’t for me.

To find Michelle’s site, point your browser towards (NOT toward):

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Brazilian Bookworm

InternetGoodiesMay Arend lives in Brazil and wants to help any author or publisher by reviewing a book. She doesn’t say much about herself, but one can infer that she must be fluent in both English and Portuguese. Here is her review policy:

As of August 2012 I have officially changed my Review Policy.

– I do review e-books now. However, I am much more picky with them. With paper books I will read almost any sort of book, almost any genre (save the ones listed further down), but with E-books I will only pick what really makes me think “OMG I NEED TO READ THAT” since it takes me much longer to read on my cellphone.

– For that reason, I am shutting down the Unread Interview Project.

– I have no issues with indie authors. I prefer, if I can, to read your work on paper, but if you are a digital-only author, I can work with that too, if you are really good.

brazil_riodejaneiro_travel_review all genres of fiction (except for the very small list on the next item) that I can get my hands on, but my favorites are fantasy (high fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, everything), sci fi andhistorical fiction (anything based on history is awesome). My least favorites are drama and non-fiction. I do review those aswell,  but there might be a higher chance of a “loving” review if it is the first ones. I am a bookworm, though, and am willing to try every genre presented to me. For e-books, I will only accept the ones on my “love” genres or things that are related to those genres.

 I do NOT read Self help or highly religious books (christian fiction). I do NOT read non-fiction.Books that talk about religions, discuss it or try to make a small religious moral by the end are ok, but a book that is Christian-religion-centric is not – there must be a plot, characters and all well developed that is NOT centered around religion. For some idea of what is ok, read my review of The Job. That one was good. Also, other religions are usually ok, I am very interested in studying other religions.

– It may take up to a month for me to answer your review request. I know, too long. I swear it isn’t that I am ignoring you, everyone has to wait, I just don’t have as much time as I used to, to reply and all, so I just answer them all at once. I try to concentrate my time on blogging (and not even THAT is working as it should).

 I live in
. So if you are sending a book here, it will, most likely, take a month to get here. I read review books as soon as they get here, but when I receive more than one, they get read by “first come first serve” so yes, it may take a while for me to read them and then some to review, but it WILL be done. It will not be forgotten. That’s something I made myself promise me when I started blogging.

To find her site, point your browser at:

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: To Read Or Not To Read – That’s a silly question!

InternetGoodiesTo Read Or Not To Read is a book review blog run by Marcie, Steve and Nancy. Marcie started the site in 2010 as a way of sharing my love of reading. Here is what she says about herself:

I’m also a coffee addict. I’m married and a mother of two. My favorite T.V. series are The Vampire Diaries and Downton Abbey. Some of my other hobbies include knitting and sewing. I love history and am a proud geek.

Steve describes himself as “a big old nerd.” Here is what he says about himself:

I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly and played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid. We even drew pictures of what our characters looked like. Even today I love role playing games on my xbox 360. I try to read books across many genres but I always go back to sci-fi and fantasy. I guess about the only books I would absolutely turn down are period period pieces, romance and anything with sparkly vampires.

Nancy describes herself in this way:

I am a day dreaming, adventure seeking book junkie for hire. My rates are cheap. I like space travel, gum shoe detectives, epic and cowboy movies. The same goes for the books I read. I have to include fantasy to fairy folk and middle earth to futuristic. English mysteries, historical fiction and a touch of Jane Austin.
I love my family get togethers, good cooking and fellowships at church and with friends. My little kids are four legged and furry and are spoiled rotten. My husband is a truck driver, which leaves me plenty of time to read. He is spoiled too

2readornot2readTo Read Or Not To Read has a policy about the content on its site. Here it is:

To Read or Not To Read will accept books for review, author interviews, author guest posts and contest/giveaways in the following genres: fantasy, romance, YA, Gothic, supernatural, classic, historical fiction, sci-fi, PNR, steampunk, and some biographies.  I usually pick books based on my interest.

To find this site, point your browser towards:

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: The Secret Life of Books Reviews

InternetGoodiesLucy has loved reading all her life. Here is how she describes herself:
I like most genres but I love romance! I’ll be reviewing books, stalking other blogs and taking part in weekly memes which I recently discovered and thoroughly enjoy! Let me know if you’re hosting any that you think I’d be interested in and I’ll check it out 🙂
Lucy’s blog The Secret Life of Books Reviews has a review policy. Here it is:

After being asked to review a book by the author I thought I better set up a Review Policy! I just want to point out that I am not a professional reviewer or writer. I just review books because I love to read and to discover new books. The review will be based on my own personal thoughts and interpretations of the book. I promise to write an honest review including what I liked or disliked about the book. While I do discuss certain aspects of a story that I didn’t like, I never write overly critical reviews. I don’t like to upset an author by trashing something they love. If I really don’t like a book I would prefer to not post a review.

ForgottenBookmarksEach review will have the following components: Photo of the Book Cover, Title, Author, Type of Book, Release Date (if applicable), Summary of the Book, My Personal Review of the Book, A Rating on a 1-5 scale.

The type of books that Lucy likes to review are: Adult Fiction, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance,
Erotica, Young Adult, Fantasy, Humorous.

To find Lucy’s site, point your browser at:


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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Books Like Breathing

InternetGoodiesGrace is  25 years old and lives in NYC. She has a Bachelor’s in History and Women and Gender Studies from Pace University and a Master’s in Information and Library Science from Pratt Institute. She describes herself as a “fairly voracious” reader, and hopes eventually to find a job in the publishing industry as an editor or a publicist. Here is the rest of what she has to say about herself:

Most of my “fun” classes in undergrad were English Literature classes. I will read just about anything but I lean more towards romance (all forms…regencies, contemporary, highlander, paranormal, anything…) and YA. I tend to avoid science fiction and mysteries unless it is a very unique book or of particular interest to me. My favorite author of all time is Jane Austen. Her books are my salvation. I read them over and over again. I also love Jane Austen sequels. I have over 100 in my bookshelves and they will all be reviewed here eventually.

Grace accepts  review requests of both print and e-books:

I do accept a very limited number of self-published titles mainly of the romance persuasion. Preference is always given to books in my preferred genres. as well as to authors and publishers I love and have worked with before.
BooksLikeBreathingGrace’s preferred genres are: Romance, especially
  • Historical (esp. Regencies, Highlander, Victorian, Irish, Pirate…anything really)
  • Contemporary
  • Western
  • Paranormal
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Steampunk-Just read my first one and…so good.
  • I have a particular love for romances with particularly bad rakes and rogues. The badder the better.

She also likes:

  • Young Adult (mainly paranormal romance)
  • Historical Fiction (limited)
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Horror(limited)
  • Memoirs/Biography (limited)
  • Chick Lit
  • Cookbooks especially about desserts—I am a baker and will bake and review a recipe from the book with photos.

Grace doesn’t accept:

  • Science fiction
  • Self-help
  • Any type of religious or political book
  • Mysteries or Thrillers
  • Straight fantasy
  • anything “mob” related. It’s just not my schtick and quite frankly, as an Italian-American, I find most of it offensive.

BooksLikeBreathingThe most striking thing about her very detailed policy on books she reviews came in the form of a special note about self-published and Indie authors. Here is what she says:

Note about Self-Published and Indie Authors– I used to review these books as often as traditionally published books but now, given the rather hostile climate, I will accept a very VERY limited amount of self-published books for review because I am not ready to close that door completely…yet. I will accept books within my genres of preference only–there are no exceptions to this. I will also be more cautious about the authors I do accept. The books I currently have will be reviewed. I am just not willing to take the risk of being attacked if I don’t like a book or don’t get to it quick enough. This is a hobby and it should be a fun one but some authors seem to forget that.

It’s too bad that some self-published and indie authors have soiled the nest for the rest of us who are struggling to promote our own books. People who write books should always remember that their work is for public consumption, and be prepared for a certain number of people who are just not going to like what we write. That is life. We all have to accept it, be polite about it, and move on.
To find Grace’s site, point your browser to:

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: Livin’ Life Through Books

InternetGoodiesFelicia is passionate about every thing in life. Here is how she describes herself:

I enjoy reading, mostly YA books, and I love listening to music. I am always trying to find the latest adventure, something new and unique, and something that will change my point of view. Books and music rule my life.

I initially started this blog to start a reading challenge from a different blog I followed that required to have a way to view the reviews. I loved reading and I loved writing, and what better way to combine the two? At first, this blog was just for me, and I never dreamed that anyone would be interested in what I had to say about books. Then the comments started flowing in and the followers started piling on, I thought, ‘Wow! How awesome!’ I’ve seen other blogs, and never thought I could be a book review blogger. But then, the requests started coming in, and I was ecstatic!

Reading and reviewing books is just a hobby that I love and wouldn’t have an awesome group of friends with a great community if it weren’t for the authors and publishers. I love writing and hope to actually complete a novel one day, but that’s a long ways off! If you have the time, feel free to leave a comment, and am always looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 🙂

*In no way do I claim to be a professional book review blogger. This is a hobby for me, and I am not paid in any way except for the books provided from authors and publishers. This also does not sway my opinion of the book. My reviews are all honest, and my own. Thank you.

LivinLifeThroughBooksFelicia is most interested in reading young adults novels, specifically those that are paranormal, horror/ghost stories, romance, dystopian, thriller, contemporary, or psychological. To view her site, point your browser to:

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: The Canary Review

InternetGoodiesThe Canary Review is not just a review blog. The people who run it also provide editing services for a fee. They also provide craft tips on Fridays in their “Pitch Slap” series. So what you get with this site is a more professional take on the books they read, if that is what you are looking for.

The tagline to the site is: “We read it so you might not have to”, thus this is NOT a book promotion site. On the other hand, the reviewers do accept submissions from Indie authors as well as those publishing books via legacy publishers.

canarylogo21The Canary Review is most interested in receiving books that are YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, or Romance. They are no longer accepting Literary Fiction or Nonfiction.

To find their site, point your browser to:

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Friday’s Internet Goodies: BookedInChico

InternetGoodiesErica Spangler is an English MA Graduate, an SEO Marketing Analyst, a Book Lover, and a Coffee Connoisseur. So her rating system on her book review blog BookedInChico is in terms of shots of espresso. Here it is:


I am obsessed with coffee! What goes better with books than coffee? Nothing. So here’s my coffee scale rated in shots of espresso.

5 shots – The Coffee Shakes: Everyone should read this!
BookedInChico4 shots – The Red Eye: Compelling but needs one more shot of something…
3 shots – Coffee Buzz: Enjoyed overall; very specific to its Genre
2 shots – Two Cups of Tea: Disappointed me and my original expectations
1 shot – It Must be Monday…: Not enough coffee to get me through
To find this site, point your browser towards


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