PÈRE ANDRÉ, chaplain at Rouen Castle
AUDREY, Countess Joan’s maid
AVISA, a nun at Ashridge Convent, she later became Mother Superior.
CECILIO DE BLAY, son of Pierre de Blay.
CHATELAINE, a cat owned by Cecylee’s daughter Nan.
CLAVIS, Cecylee’s Irish Wolfhound
DANGEREUSE, a nun at Ashridge Convent.
DOUCETTE, Cecylee’s pony
MASTER ELBEUF, Richard’s comptroller
DR. EUSEBIUS, Edward’s tutor
GERARD, one of the men who arrests Cecylee, he stayed to work for her at Berkhamsted.
GHISLAINE, maid to the Sisters of Ashridge Convent, she later became a nun.
GUNILDA, Anne’s maid
JACINDA, a young girl leaning out of a window, upset at the loss of Anjou pears.
JENET, Cecylee’s maid.
JENKIN, Earl Ralph’s page
OLIVIER DE BLAY, grandson of Pierre de Blay.
PERREQUIN (PERKIN), Audrey’s illegitimate son who made the sugar sculptures for Cecylee’s betrothal.
POPELINA, a maid who overhears that the Queen means to seize power for herself.
THOMASINA, Cath’s maid

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