THE NIGHT HAWKS (RUTH GALLOWAY #13) by Elly Griffiths read by Jane McDowell

For those of you who may not know, Norfolk is in a remote part of the UK, so it is no wonder that old tales about enormous dark dogs whose bark is a harbinger of death are still around in the 21st century.

Ruth is now Head of Archeology at the University of North Norfolk, back in her too-lonely cottage (which she loves) with daughter Kate who is now about 10 years old. Between teaching and doing mounds of paperwork, Ruth finds herself caught up in a sinister murder investigation, involving a murder-suicide and dead bodies, one of which appears to be a Bronze Age Murderer.

Now she has to worry about this newly-discovered Bronze-Age site as the local metal detectorists (people prowling around at night with metal detectors, something that has become a craze in Britain recently) might disturb it. These locals call themselves the Night Hawks, and as far as Ruth is concerned, they are a pain in the neck. But when they begin to die off one by one, an annoying hobby becomes worrisome.

Enter DCI Nelson and his team. But that lonely farmhouse is no place to go, especially when we find our well-loved friends imprisoned there by a slightly mad man with a large dog. Five stars.