J IS FOR JUDGMENT by Sue Grafton, narrated by Mary Peiffer

Wendell Jaffe disappeared five years ago, gone overboard somewhere near Baja where his ketch was found. But his body never surfaced. His death was hard on his family, his sons aged 12 and 17, and his widow Dana Jaffe who was forced to wait out the statutory five years before California Fidelity would pay up the $500,000 life insurance.

Shortly thereafter, an insurance agent spots him in a bar in Mexico, a dusty resort aptly named dark winds, and Kinsey Milhone is sent to investigate.

What follows is by turns scary and hilarious. My favorite episodes are the ones where Kinsey plays hooker to escape from an awkward situation, and another where she parrots a telemarketer in order to get valuable information on Wendell Jaffe’s death out of an unsuspecting person.

Another entertaining read. Five Stars!