H IS FOR HOMICIDE by Kinsey Milhone…sorry Sue Grafton, narrated by Mary Peiffer

No-one is more surprised than myself that I am such a fan of the Kinsey Milhone series.  After all, I live in the past, preferring long skirts when spending a day at home, enjoying 19th-century classical music. And I’m English!

So what could I possibly have in common with a wise-cracking 30-something PI who has no problem using words like “bullshit”?? But I find myself nodding along and laughing at Kinsey’s antics as I knit thread into cloth, shaping shawls and sweaters. Beats me.

In any event, here we have Kinsey strong-armed into going undercover as part of an informal plea deal after she coshed an officer-of-the-law on the nose. Kinsey protests. She’s never gone undercover before, and she’s not trained. But her male superiors override her, claiming she will wear a wire and they will always be nearby keeping watch on her.

Naturally, none of this comes to pass. Kinsey goes from prison to prisoner of an unsavory gang capo named Raymond Maldonado, getting in good with him to learn more about the huge insurance scam he runs. She is obliged to do this sans wire, officer backup or even a payphone.

Kinsey, of course, comes out on top (literally) pinning the capo to the ground in the last shootout, capturing him on behalf of the Santa Teresa Police Department and the LAPD, for which she will probably get no credit. (At the end of this volume she’s still awaiting her payment.)

This is a quick, easy read (or listen) written by an extremely talented author and narrated by someone who gets Kinsey. Five stars.