ON MYSTIC LAKE by Kristin Hannah

I had never heard of Kristin Hannah before I read her 2016 masterpiece THE NIGHTINGALE (which won the 2016 Audie for Fiction.)

That book was special, as it combines an historical fictional account of what happens to a French family when the German Army comes to town in 1940, together with Ms. Hannah’s spacious style of writing which allows emotions to unspool on the page.

After reading that volume and THE FOUR WINDS, I decided to go back and delve into her other books.

ON MYSTIC LAKE gave me mixed feelings. On the one hand I can see why so many readers complain about how repetitious it was. Because it WAS repetitious, and definitely needed some judicious cutting.

OTOH, it was a beautifully compassionate description of the emotional devastation wrought  by sudden loss, and how that can lead to disassociation, substance abuse, affectlessness, voicelessness and eerie feelings that one is disappearing.

I give this book 3 stars for the general plot and characters, and 5 stars for the wonderful descriptions of 6-year-old silent Izzy, who believes her hand is disappearing.