Oh dear, I really feel for author Lucinda Riley. It must be so difficult to be writing under the kind of pressure she is under as she brings her SEVEN SISTERS series to a close. Naturally (like everyone else) I expected volume seven, THE MISSING SISTER to END the series, and was extremely disappointed when it did not.

As much as I have enjoyed reading this series, what really held my attention was the secret story about Pa Salt.  What a concept to have a mysterious gentleman adopt six daughters for no apparent reason, die mysteriously and then leave clues in the form of an armillary sphere that suddenly appears in the garden of their house on Lake Geneva. How I longed to know more, and author Lucinda Riley did a wonderful job in teasing us readers with bits and bobs about his life and mysterious appearances after his supposed death.

This time, alas, it didn’t work. While I understand that Lucinda Riley (who is Irish) is very proud of her heritage, I really think that THE MISSING SISTER could have benefitted from some structural editing. There was no need to have TWO stories about Irish women – Nuala and Merry. There was no need to have the red herring about Mary Kay (which quickly evaporated.) Indeed I think that ALL THREE of those stories should have been cut to make room for the tale about Pa Salt. Instead we are left with a book that has NO ENDING (NOT popular with readers) leaving us up in the air (quite literally) with a cliffhanger.

One good thing to come out of this, is that fans of the SEVEN SISTERS series will gobble up the eighth (and last?) book, so this new volume (appearing in 2022) is likely to hit the bestseller list. The bad part is that we are left with a book that doesn’t work. It wouldn’t surprised me if future readers skipped Volume 7 to get onto Volume 8. Which is a pity. Three stars.