Elly Griffiths’ THE STONE CIRCLE (RUTH GALLOWAY #11) narrated by Jane McDowell

This is one of Elly Griffith’s most atmospheric books. The rain pounds down, turning the outside into a fierce waterfall. It patters gently against the window panes as Kate listens to a story. The sun’s radiance picks out water droplets after a storm. Three women, three sisters walk on the beach while the waves suspire gently behind them. Then there is the mist (or fog) which hangs around an ancient stone circle, covering up everything in a thick, cotton-wool cloud, so that people emerge and dissolve, their figures becoming ancient and symbolic.

As usual there is the tragic murder of a young person, a missing baby, and more unexplained deaths to puzzle the clever minds of DCI Nelson and Ruth Galloway. In this volume, events move along. Kate grows up, she meets her sisters and her new half-brother. Things seemingly go back to normal, and yet there is change in the air. Perfect for a moody evening’s read. Five stars. #ellygriffiths #thestonecircle