Elly Griffith’s THE DARK ANGEL (RUTH GALLOWAY #10), narrated by Jane McDowell

Frank is back! At least that is how a cliffhanger of an ending brings THE DARK ANGEL to its close.

If anything, this volume is even more dramatic than Elly Griffith’s usual standard. It is written in a braided narrative with the foreground events concerning Ruth’s visit to the hilltop town of Fontana Liri in Latium, near Rome.  She has been asked by the local archaeologist, one Angelo Morelli, to examine some ancient bones that probably date from Roman times. As usual, Angelo and the visit are not quite what Ruth expects.

The background events happen back in Norfolk, where a man who burned his house down with his wife & daughter inside has done his time, and is now out of prison. Naturally, he is bent on revenge. Who is top of his list? Why, DCI Nelson, who put him in prison all those years ago.

The Nelson marriage, once a formidable bastion against all outsiders, experiences increasing strain as Nelson hops on a plane to check to see if Ruth & Kate are safe after an earthquake, while Michelle returns to the arms of her lover, Tim Heathfield.

Another compelling & hard-to-put-down volume. Five stars!