Elly Griffiths’ THE CHALK PIT (RUTH GALLOWAY #9) narrated by Jane McDowell

This tale of murder and mysterious disappearances begins when Ruth Galloway’s excavates some bones in a tunnel below the Guildhall in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

Ruth originally thinks the bones are medieval, but when closer examination reveals them to be modern, the site becomes a police investigation. This doesn’t please the local developer who has grand plans for an underground shopping mall complete with restaurants, cinemas and other “experiences.”

Then the women start disappearing. First is Babs, a rough sleeper, whom everyone remembers as a kind soul. Then Samantha Foster-Jones, mother of four, vanishes one afternoon just before her husband returns home. Lastly, is glamorous and talented Cassandra, Dave Clough’s partner.

While all this is going on a couple of male rough sleepers are murdered when someone stabs them in the heart.

What is going on? DCI Nelson is reluctant to believe rumors of an underground city, but…You will have to read (or experience) the rest of this volume to find out. Five stars for yet another entertaining & gripping tale.