Elly Griffiths’ THE OUTCAST DEAD (RUTH GALLOWAY #6), narrated by Clare Corbett

THE OUTCAST DEAD is set in Norwich, at Norwich Castle where many were hanged in the past. Forensic Archaeologist Ruth Galloway is excavating a grave pit of criminals, when she discovers a female skeleton with a hook shoved into her wrist. Could this be the scary Mother Hook, accused of murdering five children in her care, the subject of a well-known song used to coerce naughty tinies into behaving?

Meanwhile, DCI Harry Nelson is working flat out trying to solve a case of three dead children from the same family. Is this an unspeakable tragedy, or is something more sinister going on?

I was delighted by the reappearance of Cathbad, who exiled himself to Lancashire at the end of the last volume. Somehow, things don’t seem quite as interesting when he isn’t around. As always, author Elly Griffiths delivers a wonderful & satisfying read. Five stars.