Elly Griffiths’ DYING FALL (RUTH GALLOWAY #5), narrated by Clare Corbett

Before I talk about this highly enjoyable volume, I would like to warn whoever is reading this that DYING FALL is NUMBER FIVE in the Ruth Galloway series. The only site that seems to have this right is Both Amazon and Elly Griffith’s own website claim this is volume 4. Which is confusing.

How do I know this is Volume FIVE? Well, Ruth’s daughter Kate is 18 months old and just learning to speak in this volume, whereas in A ROOM FULL OF BONES (Volume FOUR, incorrectly described as Volume 5 on both Amazon AND Elly Griffith’s website), Kate is having her first birthday party. Also Max is on the horizon in BONES, and on his way out in FALL. Lastly, Nelson is coming to grips with Michelle’s furious response to the knowledge that he had an affair with Ruth in BONES, whereas in FALL, she has calmed down, to the point where she will allow him to visit Kate.

In DYING FALL, Ruth is called in to the University of Pendle near Preston, to evaluate a discovery made by her old friend “Dan the Man,” whom she has subsequently lost touch with. As it is summer time, she plans to make a holiday of it, taking along her 18-month-old daughter Kate, and Cathbad (sp? I only heard this) to act as manny.

Author Elly Griffiths takes us on a wild ride during Ruth’s “holiday” in Lancashire, with scary bigots, druids, Nelson’s formidable mother, as well as a dramatic scene at an amusement ride. Naturally, Cathbad is in his element.

I love the way that Elly Griffiths balances out the sadness and regret that inevitably afflicts middle-aged people, with fun and wit. Five stars.