Elly Griffiths’ THE CROSSING PLACES (RUTH GALLOWAY #1), narrated by Jane McDowell

I had never encountered this author before (she was recommended to me by my sister) but I very much enjoyed this volume. Elly Griffiths has now written 13 murder mysteries involving archaeologist Ruth Galloway (who specializes in bones) and DCI Nelson who inhabit the wild reaches of Norfolk near King’s Lynn & the village of Snettisham.

So much of this novel consists of wonderful descriptions of the mud flats near Ruth’s cottage, mudflats that are so dangerous that if you do not know where you are going you will either be swallowed up by the sea, or by the mud.

Of course, there is an unsolved disappearance, a cold case of 10 years. There are descriptions of digs and of offerings form the British Iron Age (700 BCE to 43 CE when the Romans arrived.) Through it all, author Elly Griffiths conveys the powerful sense of magic that emanates from wild, unruly, untamed places.

If you have never heard of this author or this series before, I highly recommend it. Five stars.