THE EVENING & THE MORNING (KINGSBRIDGE #4) by Ken Follett, narrated by John Lee

Ken Follett offers up another marvelous story in this volume, about the hunger, cruelty, power politics and Viking raids that beset the small community of Drane’s Ferry (sp? – I only heard this.)

A Norman Noblewoman arrives from Cherbourg to marry the local nobleman.

A skilled boatbuilder loses everything in a Viking Raid.

A monk arrives from Glastonbury, and is shocked by what he finds amongst the clergy in this remote outpost.

These three stories coalesce in the most magnificent way to provide a story full of life, drama and heartache.

The only problem I have with this book is its misleading promotional blurb put forth by the publisher, in which it claims that this volumes brings us right up to the beginning of THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH. This is NOT true. THE EVENING & THE MORNING takes place over a 10-year period, from 997 to 1007. PILLARS starts in 1121, with the sinking of the White Ship, and the consequent anarchy that over-swept England. The distance between 1007 and 1121 is 114 years, which represents at least six generations. Plenty can happen during that time.

But that is not the author’s fault, nor does it detract from this marvelous volume. Five stars.