Kate Quinn’s LADY OF THE ETERNAL CITY (EMPRESS OF ROME #4) narrated by Elizabeth Wiley

This volume picks up where volume 3 left off, and concerns the younger generation of Romans: Faustina’s daughters, their friends and suitors.

Kate Quinn’s writing has great strengths. The way she does world-building so that you feel completely immersed in the era of  the Roman Empire of the First Century. She never puts a foot wrong and the whole experience is absorbing and fascinating.

Then there is her plotting, the way in which she introduces new characters and it is only after some time that you realize who they actually are. I loved getting to know Emperors Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius before I realized who they were. As always, the characters were wonderfully drawn and believable.

So, if you would like to learn about wealthy Romans and their Empire at the Height of its Powers, you could do worse than read this volume. Five Stars.