THE LION & THE ROSE by Kate Quinn, narrated by Leila Birch (Carmelina), Maria Elena Infantino (Giulia) & Ronan Vibert (Leonello)

THE LION & THE ROSE really made this duology. I already loved THE SERPENT & THE PEARL, where Carmelina is making her crostata, marzipan & tortes, Giulia is running downstairs gossiping & laughing while Leonello sits in a corner cleaning his nails with various daggers, but THE LION & THE ROSE which solved the mysteries, soothed wounded hearts and gave people hope was really my favorite.

There were some stunning scenes, where Giulia is publicly humiliated by the Pope, where Juan Borgia meets his end, where Carmelina meets various spine-chilling dangers, and where the characters come together to hoodwink a greedy prioress.

If you love historical novels, read these two. You won’t be disappointed, Five stars. #katequinn #theserpentandthepearl #thelionandtherose