In this re-telling of RAPUNZEL, we are in modern-day USA. It is summer and we are in a vacation spot in New England. Raphaela and her mother have an unusual tower of a house, which sounds wonderful, until you realize that the mother is paranoid about her daughter meeting men, and locks her up. Then there are the McCaffertys, with three teenaged sons, a somewhat indeterminate mother, and a father who is a Senator.

When Hermes, the youngest McCafferty son, goes exploring and climbs up the stone tower only to discover a lovely 15-year-old girl, disaster ensues. Even though this is set in the USA at some time in the past 50 years, the plot line is very close to the story originally told by the Brothers Grimm. Which is to say this is NOT a volume for young children as it deals with some sordid realities of life (teenaged pregnancy, jail cells) and is therefore much darker than current retellings, having nothing fun or lighthearted about it.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t read it. It is just much more suitable for the YA crowd, than for early teens or tweens. Four stars.

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