MOONFLOWER MURDERS by Anthony Horowitz, narrated by Lesley Manville & Allan Corduner

This is the second volume, that follows on from author Anthony Horowitz’s wildly successful MAGPIE MURDERS. Like that novel, we have a novel within a novel, as the protagonist is an editor. Sue Ryeland’s career went up in smoke (literally) at the end of MAGPIE MURDERS and since then (two years ago) she moved to Crete to run a restaurant with beau Andreas Patakis. Two years later, she is badly in need of a holiday when an English couple, Laurence & Pauline Traherne ask her to return to England to find their missing daughter.

Intrigued, and seduced by the enormous amount of money they will pay for her services (the restaurant is barely surviving) she agrees. Solving this disappearance involves (of course) reading another Atticus Pünd novel, this time “Atticus Pünd Takes The Case” by Alan Conway (who was murdered in MAGPIE MURDERS.)

I really loved experiencing the Atticus Pünd novel, as well as Sue Ryeland’s numerous criticisms of it (which I agreed with.) This was simply a tremendous read, although if I had to pick my favorite, I would choose MAGPIE MURDERS as I felt it was technically more accomplished. Five stars.  #atticuspund #sueryeland, #anthonyhorowitz, #magpiemurders, #moonflowermurders