At the beginning of this volume, Kate Winters finally gives birth to her son Milo. The problem? Calliope wants to use this baby as her pawn in her machinations to torture and destroy Kate and Henry. Were it not for Ava’s assistance, the baby would be dead. Probably in the most horrible way that author Aimée Carter could dream up.

And so begins the last volume of this trilogy. Like volume 2, it is an over-the-top high-stakes game about the destruction of the world. Either Kate can have Henry or Cronos.  If Kate chooses Henry, Cronos (the Titan behind the threatened destruction) will obliterate her in a jealous rage, as he wants her for himself. Meanwhile, Henry has taken up with Calliope, who is holding Milo hostage…

And so it goes on. But volume 3 has its positives. I loved the character of Cronos who often appears as smoke, and can shape-shift so that he looks like Henry (who is one of his sons.) And I continue to enjoy Henry’s eloquent silences.

But Kate? I couldn’t stand her. I hated being inside her head going round and around as she repeatedly (and very foolishly) plays martyr and makes several attempts to get herself murdered.

I also HATED the Valley-Girl dialogue, because it provides too-perfect a vehicle for teenaged entitled brattiness. IMHO, if you are a Goddess, you should act the part with dignity, fortitude & grace (at least some of the time.) You should save your rage for something that really counts.

Lastly, I hated the fact that Calliope (who I enjoyed so much in Volume 1) was irredeemably EVIL in this volume (and volume 2.) It made her SO BORING.  Three stars.