In the upper peninsula of Michigan lies a mysterious estate, Eden Manor. Kate’s dying mother insists on her daughter driving off piste down a dirt road so that she can see it one last time. A cow appears, and a man in an old-fashioned fluttering black jacket. Then they disappear. Kate gets back onto the highway, and drives her mother to their new home in Eden, Michigan. It has taken them two days to get there from New York City.

As Kate settles into life at the high school, strange things happen. Ava, a classmate, invites her out to a party, which turns into a spiteful prank. Which is how she meets Henry, the man in the fluttering black jacket. As this engrossing read introduces us to its various well-drawn and compelling characters, none of whom are who they appear to be, we are taken on a ride into the Underworld, into the story of Persephone & Hades, a story where this time, the girl chooses to be kidnapped, and stays because of the true love she finds in the Land of the Dead. Five Stars. #aimeecarter #thegoddesstest