Jodi Picoult’s CHANGE OF HEART narrated by Jim Frangione (Lucius), Stafford Clark-Price (Michael), Nicole Poole (June), Danielle Ferland (Maggie), Jennifer Ikeda (Clare)

Jodi Picoult’s fifteenth novel CHANGE OF HEART is leisurely, and perhaps overlong, but that didn’t matter to me, as the slow unspooling of tragedy, loss, courage and kindness kept me enthralled.

Shay Bourne is a convicted murderer on death row. Lucius is his best friend who inhabits the cell next to his. Michael is a priest trying to become Shay’s spiritual advisor, when he spoils things by admitting that eleven years before, he was on the jury that sentenced Shay to death. Maggie is Shay’s self-appointed lawyer (she works for the ACLU.) Clare is a young girl, in desperate need of a heart. And June is Clare’s mother, and also the mother of Elizabeth who was shot dead by Shay Bourne.

But, as in other Jodi Picoult novels, things are rarely what they seem. From the beginning, Shay is not your typical prisoner. Nor does he seem the type of person who would murder a little girl in cold blood. So what actually happened? If you love Jodi Picoult, you will adore this novel. Five stars. #jodipicoult #changeofheart