Philippa Gregory’s TIDELANDS (FAIRMILE #1), narrated by Louise Brealey

You might think that after writing 15 novels about the Tudors and the Plantagenets, author Philippa Gregory would be spent. You would be wrong. TIDELANDS, set in Selsey Bill on the marshy southern tip of Sussex, England during the 1640s, (a time when England was plunged into a Civil War) is wonderful.

This is a story of poor people scratching a living from the inhospitable (and dangerous) marshes. It is a story of ambition, family feeling and fear.  It is the story of a poor woman with healing skills, who despite her success in saving many women from death in childbed, is treated with a great deal of suspicion.

People are not kind to outsiders, especially poor women who have to struggle on without a husband to protect them. When a handsome young man inserts himself into her life, Alinor’s precarious existence becomes perilous indeed. Highly recommended. Five stars. #philippagregory #tidelands