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I am rolling out a new version of THWARTED QUEEN…


Just wanted to let you know about some exciting changes that are happening!                   

As you may know I spent some time after graduating from Lesley learning how to record and edit audio files, making audio version of both of my novels, THWARTED QUEEN and FAREWELL MY LIFE. These versions came out in the Fall of 2019 on Audible. Unfortunately, they did not sell well.

I was able to persuade the wonderful folks at ACX to remove both novels so that I could put out new versions. Last summer, I hired Findaway Voices to produce the audiobook for TQ with the fabulous Diana Croft.

The audio version of THWARTED QUEEN is currently available if you click on these links:

I expect it to be available on Audible by mid March. Stay tuned!

Because I was bringing out a different audio version for TQ, I decided to re-brand the novel, and was lucky enough to find Tim Barber of Dissect Designs to help me. I hope you enjoy the new covers to TQ, with their fresh color palette.

Kindle version of Thwarted Queen

Paperback version of THWARTED QUEEN with its wraparound cover


I also took the opportunity to upload new ebooks, using Kindle Create to produce a more professional-looking better-formatted version. Both ebook and paperback version are now available on Amazon.

As that was so successful, I am now turning my attention to FAREWELL. I have hired Tim to do a new cover design, and am in the process of finding a narrator for the audiobook with Findaway Voices. Lastly, I am working with Girl Friday Productions, a talented team of marketers,  to help me relaunch this novel.

Thanks to Orna Ross of ALLi (the Alliance for Independent Authors) for recommending Findaway Voices, and for inspiring me to get off my tush and try and turn these novels into a success!

Stayed tuned for the new audiobooks, and for the rollout of a new edition of FAREWELL MY LIFE.

Am crossing my fingers that everyone is staying well and safe.                 


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