CLAIMED BY THE ENEMY by Shauna Roberts

Author Shauna Roberts knows how to tell a story. Within pages we meet the two protagonists (Princess Nindalla and farm-boy Ur-Sag-Enki) and know that these two strangers will become important to one another one day. Fast forward 15 years to the beginning of Chapter Two and Ms. Roberts’ powerful writing puts us into the sounds, smells and sights of the Akkadian army taking the city of Susa. We see Princess Nindalla about to give birth as the army breaches the walls and enters. Within her birthing hut, she has only a dim idea of what is happening. Everyone has deserted her, until a young man walks in. This is shocking as traditionally men were not allowed to be present while women give birth. But there is no-one else to help, and so he does.

Thus do Princess Nindalla and Ur-Sag-Enki finally meet.

What follows is a completely engrossing tale about the life and times of Ancient Sumeria during the period of Sargon of Akkad (aka Sargon the Great) circa 2334 BCE. Highly recommended. Five Stars.