A perfect example of how to hook the reader (U IS FOR UNDERTOW)

I don’t know when I first started reading the Kinsey Millhone series, but I was hooked by A IS FOR ALIBI, and have enjoyed the subsequent series enormously. It takes a lot of work and talent to write one successful book. But to have produced twenty-six really good reads is amazing.

I hadn’t read Sue Grafton for a long time, but I happened to be in a doctor’s office recently when I noticed U IS FOR UNDERTOW sitting on the floor under a chair. I picked it up and was immediately hooked. For those of you reading this now who want to be writers, pick up this book and read the beginning, then study it. It is a prefect example of how to hook a reader.

Now I am not really a reader of mysteries, but I left my doctor’s appointment dying to know what happened next, so I immediately bought it on Amazon and read it in about a day. This novel is about a character who may be suffering from an implanted memory. Or he might be telling the truth. At the beginning, it’s really not clear which, but Kinsey Millhone is determined to find out, and there is a very dramatic scene at the end in which she saves someone’s life. Which I won’t say more about so as not to spoil the story.

In any event, because the protagonist of this story is so unreliable, Ms. Grafton has to layer in other people’s points of view, so that the reader can make sense of what is going on. Again, if you want to write yourself, study these passage carefully as they are a good example of how to use this technique successfully. (Many new writers find this hard to do right).

If you love mysteries, read this book! Five stars. #suegrafton #uisforundertow