Jessica Day George’s PRINCESS OF GLASS (not exactly the Cinderella Story)

To say that Jessica Day George’s PRINCESS OF GLASS is yet another retelling of the Cinderella fairytale would be to mislead the reader, as neither Cinderella (named Eleanora/Ellen in this volume) nor that story is the focus here. Eleanora (who hides behind the plainer name of Ellen) is not the protagonist of this story, and the Cinderella plot-line is incidental to other considerations.

Instead, we have a story about Princess Poppy, the sixth sister of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, who has been sent abroad as part of an exchange program to find friends (and possibly a husband) for herself and her country. Three years have passed since PRINCESS OF THE MIDNIGHT BALL ended happily, with the eldest (Princess Rose) marrying Galen the gallant gardener, and her No. 2 sister (Princess Lily) marrying his cousin Heinrich.

Sixteen-year-old Princess Poppy is the sort of heroine everyone will love, as she is far from ladylike, smart as a whip, opinionated, bold, a whiz at cards and a crack shot.

If you loved the first volume in this series, you really should read this one. But as I said, it is really NOT about Cinderella. Five Stars.