MBS by Ben Hubbard narrated by Robert Petkoff

Ben Hubbard knows how to tell a good story, and starting his book about MBS (Mohammed bin Salman, the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) by conveying his tutor’s impressions of him when he was still a boy is a very good way of beginning to understand the charismatic, charming and cruel man we in the West refer to as MBS.

MBS always had natural leadership abilities. Yet he was the sixth son of King Salman (the eldest son of his third wife.) And King Salman himself was the 25th son (roughly) of King Abdulazziz.

Of course luck played its part in Salman becoming King. And luck was also behind the demise of two of Salman’s sons by his first wife. However, that still left MBS in 4th position, behind his four older brothers.

So, how did MBS pull off the remarkable feat of becoming Crown Prince? This well-researched, well-told book tells you exactly how.

I won’t say more so as not to spoil it for those of you who have not read it, but if you are interested in the current state of affairs in Saudi Arabia, you should read this book. Five stars.