This is such a charming story, for both young folk and adult alike. Taking the well-known fairy tales of THE FROG PRINCE and THE TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES, author Juliet Marilier puts her own spin on them by setting this novel in the Roumanian forest. A lighter tale than her Sevenwaters Trilogy, nevertheless her characters do not have an easy time. This coming-of-age tale reflects the heartbreak and excitement of five sisters finding their life partners and going their separate ways. Both Tatiana and Jenica (the two eldest) find theirs in unlikely places.

The only complaint I had about this novel was that some of the dialogue seemed too modern. This was especially so when Jenica was standing up for her family. For some reason the phrase “I’m not prepared to…” really jarred. I just wish that the language could have sounded older and less cliched. Four stars.