HEIR TO SEVENWATERS is the fourth volume in what was originally meant to be the Sevenwaters Trilogy. But author Juliet Marillier created such an evocative landscape with such interesting characters that readers were clamoring for more. Six years after CHILD OF PROPHECY, Ms. Marillier wrote this volume, about the adventures of Clodagh, the third daughter of Lord Sean of Sevenwaters and his wife Aisling.

Clodagh sees herself as a boring, ordinary young woman. But of course, she isn’t ordinary at all. When her baby brother Finbar is taken, and a changeling put in its place, Clodagh meets the challenge of bringing her brother back from the Otherworld. Along the way, she meets a soul-mate in the form of Cathal, a prickly young man, given to sarcasm and sudden changes in mood. Derisive about the Fair Folk and other supernatural beings, he seems to be the last person who could help Clodagh in her quest to get her brother back. But all is not as it seems.

Whereas Sorcha and Liadan of the first two books seem almost superhuman in their personalities and achievements, Fainne and Clodagh seem more like real people, and therefore more endearing to the reader. In Clodagh, the heroine who is so good at running a household, readers are sure to find a protagonist they will love. Five stars.