What a wonderful book this is! Margaret George’s MARY, CALLED MAGDALENE is about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and what happened to his disciples after his death.

The book is in three parts. Part One, titled DEMONS tells about the childhood and young adulthood of Mary of Magdala, and how she came to be possessed by demons. Part Two, titled DISCIPLE is the story of the three-year ministry of Jesus Christ. Mary comes in right at the beginning of his ministry when he casts out her demons, and stays with him because her family turns her out and she has nowhere else to go. Part Three, titled APOSTLE tells what happened to Mary and the other disciples after the death of Jesus Christ.

Margaret George is the kind of writer who can grab your attention and hold it for the entire length of a novel. I thought her characterization of Mary of Magdala, Jesus, Jesus’ mother and the other disciples was intelligent, insightful and interesting. This is not just a rehash of parts of the New Testament. It is a refashioning of the tale that helps to explain why Jesus and his followers acted as they did. I could not put this book down. Five stars.