TATIANA AND ALEXANDER is Volume 2 of Paullina Simon’s THE BRONZE HORSEMAN trilogy. Unlike most second novels, this one doesn’t disappoint, even though I had some problems with it that I didn’t have in Volume One.

What I loved about this story was how hard it was for Alexander to come back home, and how eventually Tatiana had to go and find him.

What didn’t work so well for me were all the flashbacks and I think that was because of the way they were handled. Generally speaking, a writer wants to make it easy for the reader to read the piece, and so flashbacks should be short, to the point and slipped into the narrative infrequently. The way Paullina Simons handles flashbacks is to set them off in a section of their own, which means that they become far too long. I have to say they did little for me, and in fact I found myself skimming over them so that I could get back to the main story.

It says something for the quality of Ms. Simon’s writing that I was willing to do that. Those of you who enjoyed THE BRONZE HORSEMAN will enjoy this volume. Four stars.