One of the joys of listening to a Simon Brett FETHERING mystery is that the characters are so well-drawn. In this episode, we have two women who seemingly could not be further apart in their tastes. There is Carole Seddon, very proper, very English, not given to traveling or adventure or anything that might take her out of her comfort zone just a teeny-tiny bit. Then there is Jude, a young woman, not proper, not so obviously English, impulsive, emotional, warm and messy. When Jude persuades Carole to go on holiday with her, you know things are going to go wrong. However, Simon Brett is such a good writer that they go wrong in ways you might not expect.

This is a perfect read for any time of the year. For summer, when one wants something light as one lazes by a pool in Turkey (or Italy). Or perfect for curling up by the fire in winter, when one dreams of summer and the holidays it brings. #simonbrett #thetombinturkey

Five stars.