THE STRANGLING ON THE STAGE by Simon Brett, narrated by the author (FETHERING #15)

This is another alliterative title (#15) from Simon Brett’s Fethering series. Here we find out two beloved friends, Jude (who has many surnames and whose past is obscure) and her rather pent-up friend Carole Seddon, a retired civil servant, this time investigating a mysterious death by strangulation on the stage of the local amateur dramatic (“amdram”) society.

What makes this death so interesting, is that NO-ONE amongst the usually self-dramatizing and egotistical members of this society seems the least interested in Richie Good’s death. They all pass it off as an accident, and are more than willing to forget what happened to this rather unpleasant member of their society.

Carole and Jude are not so sure, however, and so we meet a rather bizarre cast of characters (pun intended) including Richie Good’s dry-eyed widow Glenda, absorbed in her cleaning of her Minnie Mouse collection, and Elizaveta Dalrymple, Grande Dame of the society.

I will not say more, so as not to spoil anything for those of you who have not experienced this. But if you love British humor, and eccentric characters, this is for you. Five stars. #simonbrett #thestranglingonthestage