THE CORPSE ON THE COURT by Simon Brett, narrated by the author (FETHERING #14)

This volume finds Jude entangled in a passionate love-affair with a silver-tongued gentleman by the name of Piers Targett. Carole Seddon, hurt at being abandoned by her friend & neighbor for a man, decides to do some investigating herself. While Carole investigates “The Lady of the Lake” murder, Jude finds herself drawn into the game of Real Tennis, with its genteel players, and (of course) discovers a dead body on the court.

I won’t say more so as not to spoil this for those of you who have not yet experienced this gem of a book from Simon Brett. Suffice it to say that this is not only an entertaining glimpse at everyone’s foibles (including those of Jude) but also an interesting peek into a sport I have never heard of. Like most people, I equated tennis with lawn tennis (the kind played at Wimbledon.) I had never heard to this much more strenuous game, that was played by Henry VIII (he of the VI wives) in his youth.

Another un-put-downable novel. If it is raining hard, or you are stuck in a horrid commute, read this! Five stars. #simonbrett #thecorpseonthecourt