THE SUN SISTER by Lucinda Riley (THE SEVEN SISTERS #6). Narrated by Weruche Opia & Sophie Roberts.

What another wonderful book to add to THE SEVEN SISTERS family. This time, we deal with youngest sister Electra, who is just as fiery (and out-of-control) as her name suggests. This is the cynical sister, the confrontational sister, the one who asks awkward questions, and the only one who is ever openly rude to Pa Salt.

Electra is a world-famous super-model, and suffice it to say that this life-style does not agree with her. Like the other sisters, she goes on a journey to find her family, this time to the world of 1930s Kenya with its eccentric British aristocrats (misbehaving by the shores of Lake Naivasha).  Like the other novels, two narratives – past and present – are braided together. As a consequence we get two wonderfully moving stories about two very different women, each of whom had the devastating experience of losing a child.

If you enjoyed her previous five novels, you will enjoy this one. Personally, I can’t wait for #7 to come out! Five stars. #lucindariley #thesunsister