Lucinda Riley’s THE SEVEN SISTERS SERIES. Narrated by Lucinda Riley and others.

How I loved the concept of this book. The idea that an elusive billionaire (Pa Salt) adopted six baby girls and named them after the Pleiades, the seventh one, Merope, mysteriously absent.

When Pa Salt dies (or disappears), each young woman is left with coordinates and clues that lead the to find their true identity. Thus in Book One (THE SEVEN SISTERS) Maia, the eldest goes to Brazil. In THE STORM SISTER Alcyone (Ally) finds a home in Norway. In THE SHADOW SISTER Asterope (Star) finds a family in England. In THE PEARL SISTER Celaeno (Cee-Cee) flies around the world to find her origins in Australia. In THE MOON SISTER Taygete (Tiggy) is happy nursing animals in Scotland until she finds her family in Granada. And then there is Electra…(to be reviewed soon.)

Lucinda Riley is an experienced writer who immerses her reader in each story, with its atmosphere, ambiance, culture and colorful characters. But the overarching story is also fascinating. Who is Pa Salt? Is he really dead? Where is the seventh sister? Why did Pa Salt adopt all these babies?

I highly recommend ALL the books in this series. Ms. Riley has performed the magnificent feat of making them all equally strong. Five stars. #lucindariley #thesevensistersseries