I was first introduced to Jeff Wheeler via STORM GLASS (#1 in the series,) which came highly recommended by the Historical Novel Society, of which I am a member. I don’t usually think of myself as a great fan of fantasy, but how I loved the Dickensian alternate world that Jeff Wheeler conjured up with his TWO female protagonists.

One of the reasons why I loved this series so much is because it deals with a crisis that bedevils modern-day United States today, that of a widening income gap between rich and poor. Sara FitzEmpress has everything one could want, money, power, and the promise of a throne one day. But she is so lonely, and not treated very well by her estranged parents.

Cettie Pratt is doomed to live in an ash-heap of a city, in darkness, as any light that reaches it is blocked out by the sky manors of the rich which float overhead. But Cettie persuades someone rich and powerful to save her, and thus begins a series of five volumes: MIRROR GATE (#2) IRON GARLAND (#3) PRISM CLOUD (#4) and BROKEN VEIL (#5), which trace the different life paths of two young women from the ages of 12 through 21.

Highly recommended! Five stars. #jeffwheeler #theharbingerseries