THE DARKEST ROAD (FIONAVAR TAPESTRY #3) by Guy Gavriel Kay narrated by Simon Vance

Given everything that has gone before, it is not surprising that our five college men and women from Toronto and their friends from Fionavar spend a great deal of time in this volume preparing for war against the Dark Forces lead by the Unraveler and his underlings. This volume did not work as well for me as the other two did. There seemed to be way too many speeches, and dramatic moments that palled because we kept experiencing them. One of the Amazon reviewers remarked that author Guy Gavriel Kay needed a better editor, and I have to agree.

Perhaps another reason why I was feeling a bit bored is because my favorite character Prince Dia made only a few appearances. How I missed his wit & charm! Instead I had to wade through the dire earnestness and grimness of the other characters, emotions that while understandable (everyone believed the world was going to end) nevertheless came to be a bit much in this over-long novel. Four stars.