Today is time for something different! Please help me welcome Alexis Marie Chute, Artist Extraordinaire (as well as a funny, charming lady from Edmonton Alberta.)

I met Alexis when we were both studying for an MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University’s lo-res program. She was such a joyous, upbeat person, a whirlwind of energy, a vivid-always-smiling-personality that I had no idea her life had been upended by tragedy. If you want to learn more, her memoir EXPECTING SUNSHINE is a must-read. It brought me to tears.

Now, despite COVID-19, despite the fact that the whole world has shut down and that civilization as we know it has disappeared, Alexis has determined to continue promoting her newest novel, INSIDE THE SUN, the third in her 8TH ISLAND TRILOGY.

So who is Alexis Marie? Here are 10 fun factoids about this very talented lady:

10. She wears many different hats, artist, mother, author, wife, curator…

9. She has degrees in both fine arts and creative writing.

8. She has always wanted to be a writer. She has always wanted to be an artist. So, why not do both??

7. Unlike most artists, she has an amazing talent for marketing!

6. Alexis loves Portal fantasies.

5. When writing, she cocoons herself with Mozart & candles, incense & Vivaldi.

4. Her response to COVID-19 was to found a group called “Authors Helping Authors” so that all of us Indie authors could rally around and help one another.

3. Her advice to writers enduring writer’s block is to NOT read what they have written. Instead, they should let their fingers fly as they free-write their way around it.

2. The theme of the 8TH ISLAND TRILOGY is resiliency. What could be more perfect today?

1. The characters of INSIDE THE SUN are full of secrets. They possess a  power they do not realize.