THE OTHER WINDSOR GIRL by Georgie Blalock, narrated by Anne-Marie Gideon

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started listening to this audiobook, but narrator Anne Marie Gideon helped to ensure a vivid experience with her command of suitably plummy accents. THE OTHER WINDOR GIRL is the story of Princess Margaret

12th April 1951: HRH Princess Margaret (1930 – 2002) attending the premiere of the film ‘Captain Horatio Hornblower’ at the Warner Theatre Leicester Square. (Photo by Ron Burton/Keystone/Getty Images)

between the years 1949 to 1960, when she lived out her life, first as a fairy-tale princess, then as a much-criticized royal who shirked her royal duties.

It is impossible not to pity someone who for her entire twenties was forced to don matronly clothing and attend an endless round of charity teas & ribbon-cutting ceremonies. No wonder, she grew into the bitter & unpleasant person I remember coming of age in 1970s Britain.

If you want some insight into this princess, you could do worse that read this book. Although it is told through a fictional character (The Honorable Vera Strathmore) it is a highly empathic and true-to-life read of a much-troubled princess. Four stars.