KUSHNER INC.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary story of Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump by Vicky Ward. Narrated by Vicky Ward & Fiona Hardingham.

Whenever I complained about Ivanka Trump, my husband would tell me: “Don’t knock Ivanka. She’s the only adult in the room who can do anything about Trump.”

I was never so sure. This book proves that I was right to doubt Ivanka. It was a depressing read. Of course I was not surprised to learn that Jared Kushner used his position as “senior adviser” to his father-in-law Trump to cut deals with the Saudis and make a fine commission for himself. After all, his family has been involved in corrupt deals for decades, so it was not a gasp of surprise to learn that he solved the 666 Fifth Avenue problem for his family with Saudi money. But, as I suspected, Ivanka was deep into this money laundering herself. She turns out to be a charming, highly intelligent, blond beauty of a surface covering up all sorts of murk and dirt.

If you want to know why we should NEVER have family members become “senior advisers,” why elected officials despite all their flaws are so much preferable to oligarchies, read this book. It is excellent. Five stars.