A KING’S RANSOM by Sharon Kay Penman, narrated by Emily Gray

This novel is the sequel to LIONHEART, also narrated by Emily Gray. If you haven’t experienced this first novel, I suggest you do so BEFORE experiencing this one, as much of what happens will make better sense if the books are read in order.

A KING’S RANSOM picks up where LIONHEART ended. In this novel we follow Richard as he sets off for Europe in the Fall of 1192, only to be captured by Leopold V, Duke of Austria and turned over to Henry VI (the Holy Roman Emperor) for political gain. Henry imprisons Richard  in Trifels Castle.

This novel is just as strong as it’s predecessor in taking a much-vaunted hero and making us understand him. Richard’s 15 months of imprisonment and mistreatment at the hands of his enemies changed him forever. Five stars. #sharonkaypenman #akingsransom #richardthelionheart