Setting, Farewell My Life by Cynthia Sally Haggard: BERLIN, GERMANY in the 1920s

FAREWELL MY LIFE is in three parts. The second part, AN UNSUITABLE SUITOR opens in Berlin, Germany in January 1922.

At that time, Berlin was a poor and impoverished city, still recovering from World War I, which brought not only many deaths & disfigurement, but also political unrest in which the Monarchy collapsed and various factions took over, such as the Sparticists in Berlin in 1919, who wanted a government based on local worker’s councils, rather like the newly-formed Soviets in Russia.

Hotel Adlon near the Brandenburg Gate in 1928. This is the old hotel, which was bombed during the war. They built a new version on the same spot.

The Hotel Adlon near the Brandenburg Gate features in this part of the novel, as it was the place where foreign journalists gathered to share news and gossip.