Character Bio from Farewell My Life by Cynthia Sally Haggard: FRAU VARGA

Frau Varga is:

  • Hungarian Widow (husband died in WWI)
  • Landlady to Grace, Violet & Zia Paulina in Nollendorfplatz Berlin
  • Has nice legs which she shows off in fashionably short skirts
  • Likes to sing naughty songs…
Frau Varga played by Maria Corda Argentin

 With this character, I wanted to bring some of the fun & glamor of the 1920s into the novel, even though Berlin was impoverished at the time. It didn’t seem to stop it from having numerous cabarets & night clubs

Many people don’t know this but Berlin had a sizable Hungarian minority after the 1870 Prussian war. So much so, that many Hungarians treated Berlin like their capital city. Varga is Hungarian for shoemaker. I chose the name because it is easy for English-speakers to pronounce.