Monday Craft Tips: Using one emotion to convey another

The story of Tobias Wolff’s “The Chain” so far: Tobias Wolff plunges us into near tragedy at the beginning of his story, which begins at the moment when the dog attacks Brian Gold’s daughter Anna. Anna is saved, but Brian is still upset, and thus a chain of events is set in motion that leads to the murder of Marcel Foley by an enraged Victor Barnes, who believes his car has been damaged by the drug-pusher to whom he owes money. Victor forces his way into the home where Marcel Foley is staying, and kills him with the crowbar.

porchswingAfter Marcel’s death, Victor drops the crowbar, runs downstairs and drives to his grandmother’s house: “He drove to his grandmother’s house and told her what had happened, and she held his head in her lap and rocked over him and wept and prayed.” (31) Wolff uses the expression of one emotion to convey another, the grief expressed by Victor’s grandmother conveying Victor’s shock, as he is unable to express that grief himself, or do much of anything except put his head on her lap.

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