Book Review: ON THE NIGHT OF THE SEVENTH MOON by Victoria Holt

OnTheNightOfTheSeventhMoonON THE NIGHT OF THE SEVENTH MOON by Victoria Holt is a fairy tale set in the years 1859 to 1870 in Germany. A young English girl gets lost in the mists and is picked up by a young man on horseback, who takes her to his hunting lodge for the night. Too innocent to realize that he has ungentlemanly designs on her, she nevertheless locks her door at night, as instructed by an old woman, who appears to be the young man’s nurse. Next morning, the old woman takes her back to her boarding school.

And there thing would have ended, except that he cannot forget her.

This plot bears some similarity to THE TIME OF THE HUNTERS MOON, also by Victoria Holt, but instead of a young man and his sister working to murder wealthy young women to inherit their fortunes, ON THE NIGHT OF THE SEVENTH MOON is a tale of true love. Five stars.

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