THE INDIA FAN by Victoria Holt

I loved Victoria Holt’s THE TIME OF THE HUNTER’S MOON, so I one might imagine I would love TheIndiaFanTHE INDIA FAN just as much. After all, it has a very similar plot, of the young heroine torn between three suitors. What does she do? Does she make the eminently sensible choice of marrying her father’s curate? Or does she marry a friend of her father, the one he enjoyed having long conversations with, the scholarly young man who became an earl? Or does she fall for the local squire?

But whereas THE TIME OF THE HUNTER’S MOON used setting details to set the reader’s hair on end every time that mysterious young man appeared, THE INDIA FAN was not as engaging. The fan itself wasn’t compelling as an object, the house wasn’t creepy, and Miss Lucille, the owner of the fan, could be too easily dismissed as mad, rather than scary or forbidding. Three stars.

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